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The ultimate Summer Marketing Checklist for 2023

It's not too late to implement summer marketing strategies to help your business stand out, drive leads, and grow your customer base.

Does anyone feel like spring just flashed past into our eyes? We're already approaching the halfway mark of the year. Which only means that summer is upon us. Therefore, it's the time of year when you must add some vibrancies to your marketing and make the most out of this scorching season. In this post we share the ultimate Summer Marketing Checklist to get you started.

Summer Marketing

Hey, got some cool summer marketing ideas for you:

O Join the local summer events and mingle with the community.

O Give your summer marketing a winter twist to stand out.

O How about a killer summer email campaign to grab your audience's attention?

O Boost your SEO with a rad summer blog post that will rank high.

O Don't forget to tap into the wedding season and tailor your promotions accordingly.

For your social media game:

O Rock summer marketing hashtags to get some serious engagement.

O Plan out some awesome summer-themed social media posts and schedule them beforehand.

O Time for a temporary summer makeover of your social accounts to match the vibe.

O Create a hot summer giveaway campaign that your followers will want to share.












When it comes to advertising:

O Target your customers across multiple channels (i.e. email, social media, digital and printed ads, promotional products, indoor and outdoor signage).

O Give social media advertising a shot—it's a game-changer.

O Switch up your digital and printed advertising material with eye-catching summer designs that pop.

O Test different summer ad copy and see what hits the sweet spot.

Now, let's talk promotions:

O Heat things up with a sizzling summer sale that your customers won't be able to resist.

O Introduce a special summer offering tailored to the season's vibe.

O People love summer foods, so why not showcase them and get their mouths watering?

O Engage your audience with an exciting summer contest or sweepstakes.

Don't forget the holidays and observances:

O Light up your promotions with some Canada Day spirit this 1st of July.

O Spread the love on International Friendship Day (July 30) and connect with your audience.

O Let your creativity flow on Civic Holiday (August 7) for some summer marketing.

O Gear up for Labor Day (September 4) and make it a memorable marketing moment.

O Infuse your back-to-school campaigns with an emotional touch.

Hope these ideas help you make the most of your summer marketing—keep it chill and enjoy the season!

If you’re stuck for ideas, contact us! We will be happy to help you with your summer marketing. Contact us at or 905-827-4759.


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