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7 Lead Generation Ideas During COVID-19

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

It is no surprise that businesses around the country are struggling, and are expected to struggle for at least the next few quarters. At some point, you’ve probably asked yourself, “How can I increase lead generation during these challenging times?” There are a lot of things businesses and professionals like you, can do to increase leads during the course of this pandemic. The sales might not boom as they did a few months ago, but at least your business will stay afloat and relevant. And if you do this right, you may even come out of the other side with an advantage over your competitors.

In this post, we narrow it down to 7 reliable lead generation ideas to help guide you.

1. Post Consistently on Social Media

One of the most basic ways you can use digital marketing to generate leads is via social media networks. Many companies are making a mistake by abandoning their social media networks altogether to focus on other things they perceive to be more critical at the time. Avoid making this mistake. When your brand is active on social media, it shows the audience that your business is still up and running. It also helps you keep ahead of your competitors.

2. Blog Regularly

Blogging regularly is a great way to keep your website fresh as well as build up your visibility for Google keyword searches. It is also an excellent way to build trust in your brand, nurture leads and build your credibility as a subject matter expert.

3. Sell your Products and Services Online

If you have a service or a product that can be delivered to the doorstep of your customers, then going online is a great way to generate leads. People are under quarantine, so they would rather not step out. Plus, the demand is for doorstep services. You can use your online store and pair it with your social media to generate leads.

4. Design Great Offers

A great way of lead generation is by offering special discounts and offers. Convert prospects into customers with various kinds of offers like discounts, extended trial periods, free access to some services or gated content, etc.

5. Host Online Events

Host online events to attract and serve your target market while capturing their contact information via event registration. You can also use live events as an opportunity to connect with customers in real time so that you can answer questions, respond to objections and learn about your audience. Some examples of online events are: Webinars, Workshops, Seminars, Conferences.

6. Target Your Community

Engage with your local community for lead generation. You can implement various strategies like forming groups and forums for your local community to connect with you, or by giving free delivery or discounts. Try to help out your community as best as you can. However, if you provide online services, then you can also aim to help your online community. This will not only help you make a difference, but it will also garner a lot of appreciation from your community. So, this strategy will help you gain short-term leads as well as long term relationships.

7. Use a live chat on your website

Another great way of lead generation during COVID-19 is by having a live chat on your website. This will prompt audiences to ask questions about products or services while visiting your website. It can be used as one of your lead generation strategies by requiring users to provide their contact details to submit a question or by promoting some other lead magnet like a demo.

By using these tips, you will not only generate leads and profits but you will also gain a considerable market share over your competitors when the pandemic ends.


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