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7 Marketing Ideas to Promote your Brand Outdoors

Thinking about creating an outdoor marketing campaign, but don’t know where to start? In this article you will find seven inspirational ideas to use on your next outdoor marketing campaign.

#1. Flag Banners

Flag banners are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are water resistant, UV-resistant and can be printed full colour on both sides of the fabric. This type of outdoor sign is installed in high traffic areas. They are great to catch the attention of potential customers from a far distance. Flag banners should have short and concise messages to advertise a specific product/service, your brand or to promote an event.

#2. Outdoor Posters

Posters are one of the most cost-effective tools of advertising. They are also easy to install on any surface. A great benefit of posters is that they can have as many details as possible. Posters offer endless design possibilities, a combination of gorgeous fonts, colours and graphics will captivate your audience's attention.

#3. Storefront Signage

A well-done store signage will capture the attention of new customers and will also help existing customers and prospective customers to find your store easily. Storefront signage usually displays your company name and information about your business and or products. For example, a tag line, your company’s phone number or website.

#4. Window Graphics

Outdoor window graphics are usually used as storefront decoration pieces, but the reality is that they are a very effective and fun marketing tool. Window graphics are cost-effective and can be produced in many different shapes, sizes and materials, there is no limit on how you can get creative with window advertising!

#5. Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle advertising is found in different forms including magnets, decals, partial and full vehicle wraps. Take advantage of the extensive exposure you would have by promoting your brand, products or services “on the road“. It can be as simple as putting up a couple of magnets on your vehicle or as complex as covering your vehicle completely with vinyl film advertisement.

#6. A-Frames

A-Frames are an effective way to get the attention of passersby, and promote new products, new services or events. They are usually placed on your nearest sidewalk. It takes seconds to change out the graphics, so you can update your advertising as often as you please.

#7. Yard Signs

Yard Signs are one of the most inexpensive ways to advertise your business outdoors. Yard sign dimensions are typically 24”x18”, but they can be produced in any size. They are usually placed on your store or plaza front lawn to catch the attention of passersby. A great option to promote a temporary event, a new product/services or special offers.

The main function of outdoor advertising is to capture a moving audience with a message, in a short period of time. When deciding on what products to select, plan its design and location carefully. The design must reflect your brand identity and captive existing and prospective customers. Additionally, think about the best location for it, a place where your sign gets the most visibility possible.

If you’re stuck for ideas, contact us! We will be happy to help you with the creation of your next outdoor marketing campaign.

Contact us at or 905-827-4759.

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