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Economic and Effective ways to personalize your product packaging

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Isn’t it great to have your brand “pop-up" every time your customers purchase one of your products? Product packaging is an excellent tool to promote products and strengthen a company’s brand identity. Large companies spent an immense amount of money on personalized packaging to stand out from their competitors.

For small businesses, having personalized packaging is usually a challenge. But it is not impossible! You can also customize your packaging without breaking the bank. The use of labels is a great and professional solution. They are economical, practical, and easy to apply on all kind of packages.

6 Tips for an effective Product Label:

Ensure that the design of your labels relates to your brand identity

Customers should be able to connect your labels with your company brand at first glance. Keep in mind that your product packaging is the very first contact that a customer or potential buyer would have with your brand.

When designing your stickers, you should have a clear understanding of your visual brand identity. This will help you on the selection of the colours, fonts, size, format, and even what material and finishes to use for your labels.

What should be included on your packaging labels

Since product labels have limited space, coming up with relevant information is a must. A product label usually has the following details: company logo, product name, units of measurement, and a brief description or tagline if applicable.

If you want to have more information regarding a product consider having it online, on your website.

Make it legible

When thinking about a product label design, there are many different colour combinations, fonts and finishes to choose from. Make sure your design reflects your brand identity and most importantly, ensure that all the type is readable.

Use a font that is legible, simple fonts are usually the best option for product labels. If you decide to use an elaborate font, limit the use to only a short tagline. Text size should be above 6 points at the very least to be readable. The recommended type size for all valuable information is 10 points and up.

Finishing and colour selection

Reflect your brand identity by choosing the proper finish and colour combination. The most popular finishes are matte, glossy, and metallic. For example, a matte finish label with minimalistic-rustic design is a great option for a company that sells organic food products. However, a metallic finish label is more appropriate for a jewelry store. Additionally, whatever the finish you choose for your packaging labels, make sure that your design meets the printer's specifications, and it would be legible on the chosen finish.

The colour of your packaging label also plays an important role in the impact that your product will have on your customers. You want to use your brand colour palette, but also ensure that you have enough contrast to make the labels legible and memorable. To explore colour combinations or to create your own colour palette, try Adobe Color Wheel.

Images, Illustrations and Patterns

A label design without images, illustrations or patterns may appear basic. Using relevant graphic elements may guide customers on what the product is about and, in some cases, persuade potential buyers to purchase the product. For example, an attractive food image, may stimulate someone's appetite and attract them to buy your product. You can find professional stock images at Adobe Stock.

Size and Shape

When deciding on the size and shape of your labels, consider the final dimensions, shape, and materials of your packaging. If possible, give a sample of the package to your printer so they can be sure to produce the best labels for it.

Additionally, decide how much of the product or package you want to show. You may have the option of doing a wrap-around label or a separate label for each side of the package. For example, for food products you may want to show the food inside the package so a small decal on either side of the package will be more appropriate.


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