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Storefront or Online Shop: Tips for Managing Your Business During COVID-19

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

During these challenging times we cannot emphasize enough the importance of an effective and meaningful online presence. Take this opportunity to refine your business by taking a look at your website and exploring strategies to improve your online presence. We, at BGSplus, have the experience and tools to guide you through the process and execution.

5 Tips for Managing

Your Business During


#1 - Refresh Your Website's Homepage

The homepage on your website will be a potential customer's first impression of your business. According to recent research, an average of 38% of users will not bother to engage with a website if the content or layout is unappealing.

A reputable company that understands websites and graphic design can easily remedy this by adding updated photos, reworking a call-to-action, or reconfiguring your content so that potential customers will do more than just click through your site.

If you are a business that relied heavily on face-to-face meetings to engage customers prior to the pandemic, we will be able to incorporate video content and virtual engagement as a way to attract business. If your retail storefront is not receiving foot traffic at this time, setting up an e-commerce option could provide the financial boost your store needs.

#2 - Update Your SEO

Your website likely contains meta titles and descriptions to enhance your search engine optimization (SEO). Now is a great time to update them and add even more relevant keywords. Ensuring your business appears on the front page of any search is an ongoing effort if you want to stand out from competitors, especially since customers are relying on online searches to find what they need now more than ever.

#3 - Take Advantage of Social Media

Use your social media platforms to not only promote your business but also to engage people. Potential customers are looking for ways to get what they need and for quality content that is motivational and uplifting during this difficult time. In addition to promoting your services or products, you can post and share inspiring videos, photos, and stories that will help them stay positive.

Encourage engagement by posting questions for people to answer. Create quizzes or trivia contests that offer prizes, such as a gift card for your business. Contests are an easy way to promote your company while building your brand and increasing community engagement. Our studio specializing in website design will be happy to help you set this up for you.

#4 - Offer Branded Giveaways

Products with your company's logo are always a great idea to increase your brand awareness, during this time when your customers are more likely to engage virtually, you have other options that will keep the lines of communication open with your customers while giving them something of value.

#5 - Sales Promotions

A promotion is a great way to market your business while maintaining physical distancing. This can include offering discounts on products, services, or memberships, such as 50% off during the pandemic, or selling gift cards at a discounted price.

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Get the Best Graphic Solutions for your business

At Best Graphic Solutions Plus (BGS+), we are a virtual studio in Milton, Ontario that specializes in website and graphic design. Our creative team offers a range of services, including logo, graphic and website design, and marketing materials. We will strive to improve your online presence and reach new customers during this unprecedented time.

We provide our customers with the best graphic solutions possible to meet their unique needs while working within their budget and avoiding hidden costs. To get your brand and business noticed, contact us at BGSplus today.

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