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Why Branding is so important?

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Branding is much more than a graphic element: in fact, it corresponds to the way customers perceive you. Everything from your logo, to your website, to your external image (colours, font etc), to social media conversations and even to how your employees answer the phone must be in line with this idea that users have about you.

Branding promotes public recognition

If anything, your customers are the basis for building your successful brand. This is why respecting it it’s fundamental. And you, on the other hand, need to be honest and communicate with clearness with your clients.

Even if that may seem obvious, tough, many small and medium companies are not yet convinced of the cruciality of having a branding strategy: that’s why it’s important to show the reasons why it is priceless for them to work on branding.

Branding promotes recognition: a consistent and recognizable brand helps people feel comfortable buying your products or services;

Branding is the DNA of your company: more than anything else, branding is able to communicate to people what kind of company you are;

Branding favours the word of mouth: people love to tell others about the brands they prefer and they love doing it for something they can easily remember;

Branding represents a promise to the customer: through the branding you can communicate to your potential buyers in a way that they can easily trust you;

Branding helps you focus your attention: having a clear and consistent branding strategy allows your company to stay focused on your original goals or plans;

Branding provides added value to your business: creating a brand capable of connecting directly with people provides your organization with an added awareness that will amplify its value far beyond the physical resources.

Are you still convinced that Branding is only a matter for graphic designers?


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